N-STEEL (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Add.: Shanghai, 200136, P.R. China
Tel.: +86-21-68558020

About Us
  • Company Profile

  • N-STEEL, the professional supplier and distributor of steel and metal products was founded in 1996 to fill the ever-growing need of reliable steel pipes and pipe fittings. Our concentration is to provide a wide and fine selection of steel pipes, fittings and flanges with no minimum orders, and fast shipping. As one the most significant dealers and suppliers in Asian area, we have built divisions and warehouses in South Korea, China and Hong Kong, and established long-term business relations with more than 320 customers from 32 countries.

    In addition, N-STEEL has obtained authorization from over 120 globally famous steel plants such as JFE, SUMITOMO, POSCO, BAOSTEEL, TISCO, LISCO, TPCO, HENGYANG VALIN, etc. Many listed enterprises including Samsung, HYUNDAI, LG, SK, STX, to just name a few, also choose N-STEEL as their supplier. This can say with authority that N-STEEL industrial pipes, steel fittings and pipe flanges will assure you of reliable quality.

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  • Business Partners

  • As a leading supplier and distributor of steel tubes, fittings and flanges, N-STEEL has boasted quite well fame in the industry and established long-term partnerships with numerous domestic and overseas well known steel enterprises, providing a large variety of metal products for numerous industries such as power and energy, industrial equipment manufacturing, chemical, automobile manufacture, metallurgical machinery, food, etc.

    The world famous steel enterprises we have cooperated with include Nippon Steel, BAOSTEEL, SANDVIK, TSINGSHAN, CHANGJIANG STEEL PIPE, JFE, SUMITOMO, POSCO, TISCO, LISCO, TPCO, HENGYANG VALINJFE, to name just a few.

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  • Our Customers

  • N-STEEL has established long term partnerships with more than 320 customers from 32 countries, supplying all kinds of steel and metal products. These customers include some globally recognized enterprises such as CSSC, DAEWOO INTERNATIONAL, FOSTER WHEELER, HYUNDAI CORPORATION, LG, SAMSUNG, SHELL, SINOPEC CORP, etc.

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  • Business Development

  • In marketing, N-STEEL always adheres to that customer satisfaction is our permanent pursuit and we will develop domestic and overseas market with premium quality and superior services. Today, N-STEEL industrial pipes, pipeline fittings and flanges have been well welcomed in numerous countries such as USA, Germany, Slovakia, Ukraine, Brazil, Italy, South Korea, India, Singapore, Turkey, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, etc.

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  • Logistics Distribution

  • Driven by customer demands, N-STEEL has been perfecting its logistics system from the very beginning. Now, we can provide integrated logistics services for our customers including storage, car transportation, fleet transportation, etc. for the purpose of benefiting our customers in logistics.

    Now, we own a fleet of professional transportation team. The carrying capacity of our ship transportation has exceeded ten thousand tons. In addition, we have established a powerful IT system to support the entire logistic system, further achieving computerization management integrating purchase, transportation, warehouse management and distribution.

    Additionally, we have integrated all kinds of transport ways including ship transportation, car transportation and train transportation, thus realizing cost optimization on the basis of reaching customer service level. According to different needs, we can also offer user friendly logistics solutions and employ corresponding management. In this case, we can improve overall operation efficiency and realize the real modern third part logistic center

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