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Slip on Flange

The slip on flange is often manufactured with an inside diameter slightly larger than the outside diameter of the pipe. This enables the pipe to slip through it before welding. This steel flange can be securely firmed to the pipe by fillet welding at the top and bottom of the flange.

N-STEEL supplies slip on flange in various steel materials grades such as carbon steel slip on flange, alloy steel slip on flange, stainless steel slip on flange, etc. Our slip on pipe flange is perfect for low pressure applications. N-STEEL also has many different slip on pipe flanges in stock and ready to ship.

Pressures Rating of Slip on Flange
American series: CLASS 150, CLASS 300, CLASS 400, CLASS 600, CLASS 900 and CLASS 1500
European series: PN 6, PN 10, PN 16, PN 25, PN 40, PN 63 and PN 100

Types of Flange Face
American Series: Flat Face (FF), Raised Face (RF), Tongue (T), Groove (G), Female (F), Male (M), Ring Joints Face (RJ) European Series: Type A (Flat Face), Type B (Raised Face), Type C (Tongue), Type D (Groove), Type E (Spigot), Type F (Recess), Type G (O-Ring Spigot), Type H (O-Ring Groove)

Available Materials of Slip on Flange
Carbon steel: A105
Alloy steel: A182 F1-F2-F5-F9-F91-F1-F12-F22
Stainless steel: A182 304-304H-304L-304N-316-316H-316L-316N-316N-321-321H 347-347H
Low temperature steel: A350 LF2-LF3-LF8
High performance steel: A694 F42-F46-F52-F56-F60-F65-F70

Standards of Slip on Flange
GB/T9112-2000, GB/T9116.1-2000, GB/T9116.2-2000, GB/T9116.3-2000, GB/T9116.4-2000, GB/T9124-2000
GD2000 GD87-1101
HG/T20592-2009, HG/T20614-2009, HG/T20615-2009, HG/T20623-2009, HG/T20635-2009
ASME B16.5-2009
EN1092-1-2007, EN1759-1-2004
BS1560-3.1-1989, BS4504-3.1-1989
AFNOR NF E29-200-1-2007
JIS B2220-2004

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