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Carbon Steel Pipe

    1. Alloy Steel Pipe

      Generally, alloy steel pipe contains relatively more Cr while the ordinary carbon steel seamless pipe contains no or less alloy component, so this alloy pipe has more remarkable resistance to high temperature, low temperature and corrosion.

    1. Steel Boiler Tube The high temperature boiler tube we supply features excellent endurance strength, great resistance to oxidation and superior structure stability. Thus, it is suitable for a high temperature and high pressure usage environment where the metal pipe under ...
    1. Steel Line PipeThe carbon steel pipe is manufactured using hot rolling, cold drawing and hot expanding techniques. Its outside diameter ranges from 1/2" to 30"; wall thickness ranges from SCH5 to SCH160. For more information about this line pipe, please contact us.
    1. Mechanical Steel TubeThe outside diameter ranges from 1/2" to 30" and the wall thickness is SCH5-SCH160. Typical applications of this ASTM steel pipe, DIN steel pipe or JIS steel pipe are structural components and mechanical parts such as oil drill pipe, bicycle frame, steel scaffold, etc.
    1. OCTG Casing and TubingN-STEEL supplies all kind of OCTG tubing pipes used for transporting crude oil and natural gas from the hydrocarbon reservoir up to earth’s surface after drilling has been completed.
    1. Seamless Precision Steel TubeN-STEEL, a professional China-based steel pipe supplier and distributor, can offer three types of seamless precision steel tubes, namely cold drawing and BA seamless tube with high precision, black and phosphated hydraulic tube with high precision, and galvanized steel tube with high precision.
    1. Welded Steel TubeGenerally, the SSAW steel pipe has higher strength than the ERW steel pipe. It can be a welded steel tube with larger diameter manufactured using the steel billets of less width or a welded steel tube with different diameters manufactured using the steel billets of the same width.
    1. Ductile Iron Pipe Compared with the grey cast-iron pipe, the ductile iron pipe features not only higher intensity, thinner wall thickness and higher pressure endurance but also an effective length of 5m and 6m. It is an upgraded product from traditional cast-iron pipe and common steel pipe.

N-STEEL boasts 18 years experience in supplying and distributing steel and metal. Currently, we can offer an assortment of carbon steel pipes including steel line pipe, OTCG casing and tubing, mechanical steel tube, steel boiler tube, alloy steel pipe, welded steel tube, ductile iron pipe, etc. These carbon steel tubes are all available in ASTM, JIS, DIN and EN options.

The external diameter of these steel tubing ranges from Φ19mm to Φ1067mm and the wall thickness range is from 2.5mm to 120mm. Today, the carbon steel pipe N-STEEL works at has found wide applications in various industries such as pipeline transportation, engineering, petrochemical, boiler, automobile, machine manufacturing, etc.