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Ductile Iron Pipe

As a specialist metal tubular product supplier and distributor, N-STEEL supplies ductile iron pipe which is perfect for urban water supply, water drainage and gas transportation. This cast pipe comes with high strength, great ductility and strong corrosion resistance. So, it boasts the essence of iron and properties of steel.

Compared with the grey cast-iron pipe, the ductile iron pipe features not only higher intensity, thinner wall thickness and higher pressure endurance but also an effective length of 5m and 6m. It is an upgraded product from traditional cast-iron pipe and common steel pipe.

The ductile iron pipe supplied by N-STEEL is available in various specifications. Its DN ranges from 80mm to 2600mm. A wide variety of connection types include T type, K type, N1 type, S type, self-anchorage type, etc. Its length is divided into 6m and 8.15m. In addition, the inner and outer coating of this water pipe can be diversified. According to different coating, it can be used for transporting drinking water, reclaimed water, sewage water, rain water, chemical water, etc.

Comparison with PCCP Pipe
Pipe Ductile Iron Pipe PCCP Pipe
Process Control One-step molding by centrifugal casting; when unqualified in hydraulic pressure test, it will be judged as a waste. When unqualified in hydraulic pressure test, it can be welded up repeatedly at the leakage place, thus having hidden quality problems.
Transporting Medium Different lining for different medium Portland cement lining instead of aluminate cement lining is used inside the PCCP pipe for transporting sewage water, showing lower corrosion resistance.
Installation Cost Light weight, rapid installation, low installation cost It is 2-2.5 times heavier than ductile iron pipe per meter, thus resulting in higher damage rate during carrying and requiring larger lifting equipment in installing. So, installation cost, transportation cost and by-pass repairing cost will be higher.
Performance in Emergency It can be cut on construction site, convenient for installation and rush-repair. It can not be cut on construction site and short pipe can not be cut during; once emergency occurs, rush-repair work is difficult and repair cost is relatively high.
Safety and Durability The ductile iron itself has excellent resistance to corrosion. In addition, external galvanizing coat and inner lining ensures durable protection. Hence, the ductile iron pipe can safely serve under the earth for more than 100 years. Under the condition of unidirectional pressure, the concrete waterlogged for a long time will be inevitably subject to water leakage, thus resulting in pipe rust corrosion; in addition, the damage of PCCP pipe is mainly reflected in steel wire rupture. Once the steel wire fractures, the bearing capacity of the pipe will be considerably reduced, bringing about pipe blast.
Mechanical Properties of Ductile Iron Pipe
Ductile Iron Pipe Ordinary Grey Cast Iron Pipe Steel Pipe
Tensile Strength (N/mm2) ≥420 150-260 ≥400
Bending Strength (N/mm2) ≥590 200-360 ≥400
Ductility (%) DN80-1000mm≥10
Negligible ≥18
Elastic Coefficient (N/mm2) About 16×104 About 11×104 About 16×104
Hardness (HB) ≤230 ≤230 About 140
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