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Steel Boiler Tube

The steel boiler tube supplied by N-STEEL comes with a wide OD range from 19mm to 711mm and a wide wall thickness range from1.65mm to 50mm. According to actual applications, this seamless steel tube is available in two types, namely ordinary boiler tube and high-pressure boiler tube.

The usage temperature of ordinary steel boiler tube is less than 350℃. So, thisboiler steel tube is mainly used for water wall tube, boiling water tube, superheat steam pipe, superheat steam pipe for locomotive boiler, large and small smoke tube and arch tube, etc.

The high temperature boiler tube we supply features excellent endurance strength, great resistance to oxidation and superior structure stability. Thus, it is suitable for a high temperature and high pressure usage environment where the metal pipe under the action of high temperature smoke and water vapor is easy to be oxidized and corroded.

Specifically, our high temperature steel boiler tube is mainly used for superheater tube, reheater tube, gas-guide tube, main steam pipe, etc. in high pressure or super high pressure boilers.

Specifications of Steel Boiler Tube
External diameter: 19-711mm
Wall thickness: 1.65-50mm
Length: 6-11.8m
Manufacturing processes: Hot rolling, coal drawing, hot expanding

Technical Parameters of Steel Boiler Tube
Standard Steel Grade
ASME SA-210M SA-210A1, SA-210C
ASME SA-213M T11, T12, T22, T23, T91
ASME SA-335M P5, P9, P11, P12, P22, P23, P91, P92
ASME SA-192M SA-192
ASME SA-179 SA-179
ASME SA-333 GR.3 GR 6
JIS G 3461 STB340, STB410, STB510
JIS G 3462 STBA 12, STBA 13, STBA 20, STBA 23, STBA 24, STBA 26
EN10216-1 P195TR1, P195TR2, P235TR1, P235TR2, P265TR1, P265TR2
EN10216-2 P195GH, P235GH, P265GH, 16Mo3, 13CrMo4-5, 10CrMo9-10
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